Please upload your materials in the following format:

1. Song should be submitted in .mp3 or .m4a format

2. .mp3 or .m4a file should be named "artist name" - "song name"

3. Cover art must be square, and at least 800x800 pixel size, otherwise when loaded into the radio program it will not show correctly. Please name file "artist name"

4. Photos for reviews and interviews if ordered.

BWH Music Group provides in-depth reviews of singles/songs. We do not review EP's or CD's.  As such, you should only upload 1 song per review. If you ordered a PR Package that includes 2 reviews by 2 different writers you can upload 2 songs for review and 2 songs for radio.

Please note that Free Radio is for independent artists only. This option is not available for PR Agents, Management Firms, Record Labels, etc.  Free Radio is offered 1X per artist due to high demand.  Free Radio can take up to 2 weeks to go live. You will recieve an email upon radio play. 


Please contact us at with any questions.

Thank you! 

Thank you for choosing BWH Music Group as your PR partner.  We will notify you by email as soon as your PR/Radio goes live.  You can expect  thoughtful publications and excellent  communication.
We look forward to working with you!