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Our pricing reflects our commitment to Independent Artists. Because each artist's recording is unique, and some projects require more time than others, we can give you a price after we learn more about your project. We aim to keep our prices reasonable to accommodate today's Independent Artists and Labels. We are committed to your project as reflected in our superior sound and free PR campaign for your release. See details below. 


  • Music Review on Indie Spoonful 

  • Music Review on Please Pass the Indie 

  • An Interview on 10 Questions

  • An Interview on Indie Spoonful

  • An Interview on Please Pass the Indie

  • Press Release on Indie Music Reporter and Posted to 3 Blogs and Radio New's Pages.

  • One full month rotation on National Indie Radio (WNIR).

  • A 3-Sentence Radio Promo Campaign on WNIR.

  • Featured Artist Page on BWH Music Group Roster Page

  • Featured Artist Spotlight on 3 BWH Music Group Music Blogs and WNIR.

  • A National Press Release to 250 Outlets (For Mixing and Mastering CD only 7+ songs)

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Jennifer Porter,

Award-winning Musician, Actor, and Screenwriter

"I am so honored to have been able to work with BWH Music Group LLC. Bryon William Harris and his staff are so professional and are masters at what they do. The value of the support they give to Indie Artists is incalculable. I was so proud to have my song "Road To Redemption" in rotation on WNIR, National Indie Radio, and even prouder when it landed at #1 on The National Indie Radio Top Ten. Because of BWH Music Group, my music was exposed to listeners here in the U.S., and in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, and Australia. BWH Music Group  truly believes in and fosters the artists they work with and I will always be grateful for everything they have done on my behalf.

Michael Stover, MTS Management

34 Top 40 New Music Weekly Country Chart Singles, Twelve #1's and 8 Top 85 Music Row Chart Singles.  MTS has also Promoted 14 Top 25 iTunes Chart Singles, Including 7 in the top 35 and a 4 #1's

"I've worked with Bryon and BWH MusicGroup for several years now, and they are total pros from the top down.  From their in-depth interviews and thoughtful reviews to their award-nominated compilation albums, I'm very impressed with all things BWH!

Natalie Jean,

90 Award- Winning/Nominated Indie Artist

Working with Bryon William Harris from BWH Music Group, LLC has been an amazing experience. Not only is he great at his craft of production, mastering and mixing work, he is also extremely supportive of  indie artists. His experience working in the music industry speaks volumes. BWH Music Group is attentive and communicative on all fronts. I was lucky enough to be accepted on his "That Summer Compilation Album", which is nominated in the 2019 Independent Music Awards, which will be held in NYC in June. Any artist that works with Bryon will receive nothing but the best.

Skinny Fresh

Emergenza Winner

BWH mastered a multi-genre album that featured my song "All I Need" on it. Mastering 15 songs in all kinds of genres was certainly a challenge and BWH did a great job. The album received a lot of positive press and an award nomination (IMA). The promotion package was excellent too. My base is in Switzerland so it was great to get my song noticed in the U.S. BWH really took good care of me and it was a great experience working with them. 

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