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Léonie Gray ft. Matthew J. Bongiorno
Bruno Vallelunga (Producer/ Songwriter)

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Who Will Stop the Nuclear Clock?Léonie Gray ft. Matthew J. Bongiorno
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“Who Will Stop the Nuclear Clock” was written by Bruno B. Vallelunga. The song was recorded in 2018 by Léonie Gray on the melody in the chorus and Matthew J. Bongiorno as the narrator during the spoken word section.

Léonie Gray is an up-and-coming RnB/Soul Singer-Songwriter/Producer from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Gray grew up in a very artistic and creative atmosphere. Today, she uses her songwriting to convey her emotions and discuss themes such as self-growth, mental health, relationships and feminism.


Léonie has released four self-penned and produced EPs: ‘Eliana’s Poison,’ ‘A Night at Honey's,’ ‘Growth,’ and ‘Sensitive.'


In 2018, Gray was featured on two songs written and produced by Bruno B. Vallelunga: “Who Will Stop the Nuclear Clock” and “Holiday Blues.” In 2019, the song “Holiday Blues” got Gray the 2019 Silver Medal Award by the Global Music Awards. She has also played at the world-famous Festival International de Jazz de Montreal.