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That Thing Kalina & Kiana

California-based duo, Kalina & Kiana are songwriting siblings who specialize in Poetic Pop. The journey that brought them here is almost as fascinating as their music! In 2007, the 11 & 13 year old sisters formed an all-girl band called "The Raymies" and began writing songs. They performed more than 100 shows over the next 3 years. Their Dad produced the music, while John Stamos produced a TV pilot for Disney that was scheduled to replace Hannah Montana. In the 11th hour, Disney only wanted Kalina & Kiana, so they passed on the deal to preserve The Raymies - which imploded only weeks later. 


From there, Kalina & Kiana entered a development deal for a musical TV project in Europe. The exclusivity of the deal forced them to use a pseudonym ("Rocky’s Revival”) for music in the U.S. As Rocky's Revival gained momentum, they faced another challenge - Kalina was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She completed chemotherapy and is now in complete remission. During the treatments, the girls coined the phrase “gigs with wigs”, as the band opened for groups like The Bangles and Justin Bieber, with Kalina sporting a wig onstage! During this time, they continued to write for other projects including “Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.” After waiting nearly 5 years (and outgrowing the “tween" concept) for the European TV deal, Kalina & Kiana renegotiated to step out and focus on their music. “Maggie & Bianca: Fashion Friends,” now in season 3 on Netflix. Kalina & Kiana continue to write songs for and make guest appearances on the show.


Finally free of contractual obligations, the sisters have shed “Rocky’s Revival.” And with a new focus on “Poetic Pop”, they have poured themselves into music that bears their names - Kalina & Kiana