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Individual Podcast Form


Song related

            -What was going on in your life when you wrote this song?

            -Did you write this song effortlessly or was it a process to create it? 

            -Does the final product sound like you thought it would when you began or were you surprised by the end                       result? 

            -Did you have a specific (experience, person, etc.) in mind when you wrote these lyrics?

            -Which came fist the lyrics or the music? 

            -Do you have a favorite moment or section of this song?

            -What is something that listeners should focus on when listening to this song?

            -Where/How was this song recorded?

            -What is it like for you to listen to the song now? 

            -What do you hope that people experience when listening to the song? 


Press related

            -What’s on the horizon for you? (upcoming gigs, recordings etc.)

            -Where can people go to purchase/hear more of your music? 

            -Is there a video or other song new fans should look for? 

            -Social media 

            -What should I ask that will lead you into a promotional opportunity??


Get to know the band 

            -When did you first start to make music in a serious capacity? 

            -What is your favorite venue to perform?  

            -History of the band (how long have you been making music)?

            -What is your Favorite TV show or movie 

            -If you weren’t a musician, what would you be? 

            -What is something that you argue with collaborators about?

            -If you had to cover only one artist’s music for the rest of your life, who would it be and why? 

            -Who is one independent artist that you think people should check out? 

            -Who is your dream artist to tour with? 

            -What values do your fans recognize and relate to in your work? 



             -Worst gig ever

             -Who is your favorite comedian? 

             -If a couple were to choose one of your songs as their “first dance” at their wedding, which one would it be? 

             -Do you consider yourself a diva?  What the most demanding you’ve been at a show or recording session? 

             -Question of the week (Elvis or the Beatles? Sopranos or Mad Men etc.)

             -Ridiculous gig proposal (I create a ridiculous gig proposal and offer it to you…do you accept or decline?) 

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