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Happiness Junkies are a duo from Amsterdam (The Netherlands). They write, record and perform music that is described as melancholic slow-beat rock. With electric guitar and piano entwined, female vox and a rhythm box, the duo achieves a mesmerizing sound, a slow groove for a fast world. The duo has been added to numerous Spotify playlists, and college and commercial radio around the world.


“What if... with just fem vocals, piano and electric guitar you pretty much sound like a band? What if... piano and electric guitar parts somehow entwine? What if...the simple sound of a drum machine seems just right? What if... you turn the tempo down to a slow beat and... What if... two band members seem more than enough? What if... you're addicted to happiness, but at the same time touched by melancholy? Meet Happiness Junkies, from Amsterdam, offering up happy, yet melancholy music for your soul.