Bryon William Harris
President & Chief Studio Engineer

Quickly gaining recognition as one of the most sought-after mixing and mastering engineers for Independent Artists, Bryon William Harris works with today's best emerging artists.  BWH is a music prodigy who hails from a Grammy award winning family. He trained in New York City (The Met), New Haven (Yale), Boston (The Boston Conservatory / The Longy School of Music), and Italy (The International Lyric Academy).His bio and credentials are extensive - Read BWH's full bio here.   

Theresa Fortin
Audition Coordinator /  A & R

Theresa is passionate about music.  Music has always been a part of her life.  Her father was a singer who recorded a record.  Her Grandmother was a master of piano.  Her great Grandfather played harmonica and violin! Theresa has studied guitar and voice. She has a Bachelor's degree in education from Rhode Island College and a Master's Degree from Providence College.  Theresa handles auditions for BWH Music Group blogs and radio.  

Aaron Cloutier
Freelance Writer

Aaron Cloutier is a musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and educator. For the last 20 years, Aaron has dedicated his life to his
professional musical pursuits and has refined his expertise in the Metal, Rock. Alternative Progressive, Electronic,  and Experimental genres.  Aaron’s pursuits led him to study songwriting, singing and production resulting in a 15 song demo under the name "DAVOLA". In the summer of 2009, Aaron relocated to Arizona and attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences to study music production and audio engineering. Upon graduation, Aaron had the privilege of assisting on "Dead New World" (Victory Records). The 2010 release from Latin Metal band Ill Nino where he handled recording duties for 90% of the vocals for the project. Earning him an assistant engineer credit on a record released worldwide in the process. Since the release of "Dead New World”, Aaron has spent the last 10 years as a Guitar and Vocal instructor for School of Rock both in New Jersey and Kentucky respectively and currently teaches online lessons as part of Broadway Music. 

Patrick Joseph
Freelance Writer

Patrick Joseph is a performer, music educator, and songwriter in the Boston area.  A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Patrick has collaborated with a wide swath of artists and has intimate experience with multiple genres.  Patrick has toured locally and nationally with major label as well as independent artists and has cowritten award winning songs.  Patrick has a lifelong passion for music and those who create it.  He continues to study and learn the mechanics of music while experimenting with improvisation and composition.  

Anthony Nguyen
Freelance Writer

Graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2019 with a degree under the esteemed Music Production and Engineering department, Los Angeles based musician Anthony Nguyen has been a steady force in audio engineering community. With a deep technical understanding of the engineering aspects of recording along with his lifelong passion of music Anthony has a wide variety of skills and opinions that give him unique insight into the music industry. Playing piano from the age of four and picking apart songs by ear, Anthony’s musical background gives him a firm understanding of the creative visions of the artists he works with. He is currently working as an audio engineer in both the music and post audio fields (Union Recording and Salami Studios respectively), and always strives to help construct a breathtaking production with the people he works with.

Sylvie Marie

Project Manager



A graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music, Sylvie is an award-winning song-writer. Sylvie writes, arranges and co-produces original music influenced by Americana, blues, folk, and pop.  Sylvie plays classical guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, bass, and banjo. Her songs have been in rotation on over 75 college radio stations around the country. Her prior experience included doing record label showcases in New York for several major label A & R reps. Sylvie is a 2019 Global Music Award Winner. 

Victoria Scott
Freelance Writer

Victoria Scott is a recording artist, music producer, singer-songwriter, and an erudite musician, from the Greater Los Angeles Area. She has worked as a songwriter and producer for various artists and herself. Victoria has released two albums and a single in the past year, 2018-2019. Her music is influenced by blues, RnB, electronic, and soul.  She fell in love with music when she was about three years old and she would listen to her mom’s old Motown, soul, Mozart, and Sarah Vaughn albums for hours in the living room. Victoria knew when she was four that she wanted to be a musician and performer. Her passion for music/art is why she creates. Music is life and she believes that it’s ingrained in everyone’s life in some way. Originality comes from the heart and your own experiences, and for Victoria, it comes out in her music. Her focus in life is to keep life in music and keep music in our lives because music has brought many people strength and healing.

Matt Wong
Freelance Writer

Matt Wong is a graduate of Berklee College of Music with a B.M. Contemporary Writing and Production. He is a guitarist, composer, and educator working in New York City.   As a writer and educator, Matt has contributed to Guitar World Magazine. Matt has played with artists such as Grammy Award winner Earl Klugh, and Tony Award winner Annaleigh Ashford.  This past year, he toured the United States and Canada with the 1st National Tour of Tony Award winning and Grammy Award nominated Broadway show, Come From Away. 

Brandon Watts
Freelance Writer

Brandon Watts is a music engineer who works behind the scenes in popular and commercial music. He has also worked at many television stations on the East Coast as a Camera Operator and a Director. Growing up, he studied piano, saxophone, guitar, and voice. He later attended the Schwob School of Music, in Columbus, Georgia on a full scholarship. In addition to music engineering, Brandon produces his own

tracks incorporating R & B, hip hop, and pop. He is also the proud owner of two amazing ferrets who keep him company in his studio.

Reagan March
Freelance Writer

Reagan March is currently a Berklee College of Music student pursuing her dream of becoming a singer/songwriter and music producer. She has a long time history with music starting back from when she lived in New York and would perform in off-broadway shows as a child, to when she performed in talent shows and plays, and finally up until now where she has found her love for songwriting and has decided to pursue music as a career. Her inspiration comes from several classic and modern R&B artists including Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Kehlani, and several others. She plans to create music that makes its own mark on the industry, is evidently hers due to its originality, and to work in all aspects of the music industry ranging from working in broadway to a professional music studio creating contemporary music. Her goals are limitless and she plans to achieve them all through her hard work, dedication, and perseverance, 

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