Chakra Bleu

I'd Rather Stand Alone
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We Shall Overcome
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Chakra Bleu pushes boundaries with a perspective that is invitingly insightful and passionately pioneering. Her broad Americana style includes elements of country, pop-rock, R&B and reggae, with "an upbeat current of magnetic intensity." Chakra is an Arena Award recipient - this prestigious honor has been granted to top artists  such as Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, Jo Dee Messina, etc. who have contributed an inspiring presence in their community.


Chakra Bleu has released nine albums to date. All of her albums have had enormous success. Off her 7th album, the single "All of Me"charted #2 on the Main Top 40 and #1 on the Indie Top 40. The second single,"The Shadow," went to #4 on New Music Weekly Top 40.


Off her 6th CD Souvenir, five singles simultaneously bedazzled the Main Top 40 and Indie charts:  ‘Weathered the Storm,", "She Walks Alone", "Sabotage", and "Anyday Now" all charted very well. "Addicted To You" charted on the Americana Charts.


From Chakra Bleu’s fifth album, the single, "When I Hold Your Hand", charged the AAA and Americana airwaves, charting #5 on STS Top 30 Indie Chart and #27 on STS Top 40 Main Chart. Her prior single, "Hopelessly In Love", from the Seize the Day album, scored big as well, making it to #16 on the national A/C chart.


Chakra has received airplay on Top 40, A/C, Country, AAA, and Americana radio in the US and Europe. She has been a Spotlight artist at Nashville’s beloved Bluebird Cafe and on Cashbox Canada. A selected BMI Showcase performer who is known for her playful and dynamic performances, Chakra has played top listening venues throughout Music City USA.