Keepin' It Country, Volume One
By Various Artists

On Peace Street, Vol.1
Compilation Album Agreement

BWH Music Group and Artist(s) wish to enter into this Simple Non-Exclusive Agreement for the mastering, digital distribution, and promotion of Artist(s) recorded music as part of the Compilation album On Peace Street, Vol. 1, by Various Artists.  


  1. Studio” refers to BWH Music Group who will master, digitally distribute and promote the Artist(s) and the Artists(s) songs on the compilation album.

  2. Artist(s)” refers to the songwriter(s) who legally own the rights to the original song.

  3. Compilation” refers to the album containing songs written and performed by various musical Artists.

  4. "Promotions" refers to all items contained on Promotions Addendum including press, reviews, interview, and radio. 

Non-Exclusive Rights

Participation on all BWH Music Group Compilations are 100% non-exclusive.  The Artist(s) maintains 100% rights and ownership of their song/music. 


Artist Warranty

The Artist(s) attest(s) they are the author and creator of the song delivered to Studio for the Compilation and that the song does not infringe upon the rights of any individual or organization, that the creative contributions of Artist(s) to the Compilation are original, and that no such creative contributions are or will be an imitation or copy of any other musical performance. 


Studio Mastering Services:

Studio shall professionally master the songs for the necessary uniform sound of the Compilation.

The Studio requests an unmastered version of the Artist's song to ensure that the album has musical continuity of sound.  If the Artist does not have an unmastered version of their song, Studio may still be able to use the song, but it must be in .wav format.  An unmastered version is highly preferred; Studio recognizes that some artists may not have access to the unmastered version of their song.  A good studio should have your unmastered version on file. 

Studio shall not change the “mix” or the character of the Artist’s song.

Artist will have the opportunity to listen to the mastered version of the Compilation prior to release for approval.

Studio Promotion of Compilation:


See attached “Promotions Addendum” for list of promotions.


Compilation Release:

To ensure accurate accounting of all sales, Studio and Artist(s) agree that the Compilation will be exclusively distributed (digital only) and exclusively sold through CDbaby.  Studio and Artist(s) agree that the Compilation shall not be replicated in any other fashion for any purpose or be sold outside CDbaby in any way.  The Compilation shall not be sold as a physical copy or be sold independently to ensure accountability to each Artist(s) on the Compilation.

Net Profit:

All sales, digital and streaming, will be maintained/reported via CDbaby. 

The Artist(s) has the right to ask for a sales report at any time and Studio will release CDbaby's report upon Artist(s) request.

Studio will report any Net Profit to Artist and make payments to Artist(s) via PayPal.

Net Profits are calculated as sales minus expenses.  Studio shall not include in-house promotions, studio mastering, or the distribution fee paid to CDbaby as expense as those items are covered in the artist $89 fee. 

Studio shall receive 10% of any Net Profits.

Artist(s) on the Compilation will receive 90% of the Net Profits divided evenly between each artist(s) within a fraction.

Performing Rights Organization

It is the Artist(s) responsibility to register with a PRO (Performing Arts Organization) such as ASCAP or BMI. 

Promotion Start Date:

Promotions will commence November 2, 2019.


Release Date:

The Studio is aiming to release On Peace Street, Vol. One, by Various Artists, on November 18, 2019


Goal of Compilation:

Studio and Artist(s) acknowledge that the goal of the Compilation is Artist(s) and Song recognition and promotion.  The Studio does not promise sales and the goal is not profit. The Compilation is primarily an artistic and creative achievement to promote world-class independent artists as a way to gain extensive recognition for their work. 

Acceptance of Agreement:

Artist(s) payment of $99 serves as acceptance of this Agreement and holds Artist(s) place on the Compilation project. Artist(s) spot on Compilation will be confirmed with a confirmation email upon receipt of payment. 

Artist must submit to The Studio an unmastered version of their song.  The Studio can help Artist(s) obtain this. If Artist does not possess an unmastered version of their song, Studio can work around it. 


Artist (s) is responsible for filling out all promotional forms which are supplied by the Studio on the Compilation Welcome page.

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