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Rudi Jubran aka "0 hype" is a hip-hop artist from Toronto, Canada who was born and raised in Scarborough. 0 hype established a loyal, regional fan base with his debut project, ‘Prelude EP’.

A year later, 0 hype released his much anticipated full length 14 track project title ‘Before You Enter’.   The album highlights his versatility and skill as an artist. Displaying a diverse range of sounds and genres, 0 hype approaches rap with a raw, steady, spoken word inspired flow - breaking the current meta of the Toronto sound.

An admittedly emotional guy, 0 hype's discography tackles a wide variety of topics.  0 hype is always breaking new ground as he shares stories, recalls tragedies, croons about lovers and lets his mind run free on a rapid train of thoughts and reflections. His themes are passionate, reflective and universal.

With a grasp of the craft well beyond his years, the young Canadian artist demonstrates the extent of his skill with crisp lyrics, delicate harmonies
and a skillful mixing style. The tracks roll with a youthful zest while demonstrating  a mature artisan’s flair  – elevated in no small part by the talents of collaborators Sachin B. and MA6IC.

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